If you have a serious or complex surgical problem and have no access to a surgeon who can deal with it where you live, or if you require a second opinion, instructions on how to contact me are available here.



The preparation need not be done by a doctor. Just gather together any tests related to the issue that is troubling you. Gather recent and older test results, informative notes from physicians who have dealt with the matter and reports from any operations that have been performed.
If you have other serious health issues that may affect a possible surgery, you should include any relevant examination results in the file. For example, cardiological tests, respiratory tests, etc. It is important to be aware of your overall health status before expressing my opinion on a health issue.
Make a list of all medication "without exception" you may be taking. Write the medications' name, its form (e.g. pill, capsule, syrup), the dosage and how it is taken during the day.
Finally, write a short note with the condition's history and the question that you would like me to answer.



Your file can be sent to me in the following ways:

1.Photocopies of all test results plus CD copies of CT and MRI scans sent by courier delivery to my office in Athens:
3 Pythagora Street, 155 62 Cholargos Athens, Greece
Tel: +30 211 9904340 (8:00 am – 4:00 pm)

2.Photograph all the test documents using a smart device and send all these photos via Viber or Messenger to +306932582182 or via a message to my Facebook page: Ρομποτική Χειρουργική da Vinci - Ελένη Καραφώκα Μαύρου.

3.Compress any CT and MRI scan files and send via We Transfer to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or

4.Scan and send all examination results via the website.



For me to examine your file and provide my formal answer, the amount of 50 euros shall be charged which corresponds to a surgery visit. This amount must be deposited into a bank account following consultation with my secretary on +30 211 9904340. A receipt shall be issued for this amount which shall be received by post.
If the file is incomplete, or if I need any clarification, I shall contact you by phone or in any way you prefer.



Following receipt of your file, I undertake to respond in writing and formally within one week. The answer will be sent to you by mail along with the receipt. At the same time, it may be sent electronically via email or messenger.
My opinion is binding, to the extent that you have provided me with all the necessary information.
After receiving my opinion, I am at your disposal to discuss, over the telephone or in person, anything relating to your condition and the solutions that I propose.

I undertake to handle all information placed in my confidence as well as your personal data with absolute confidentiality and discretion. Following the end of our official communication and once you have confirmed that you have received my opinion, I undertake to destroy everything in your file using a special paper and CD shredder. According to European Legislation concerning Personal Data (in force since 25/5/2018), a special authorization on your behalf is required for me to retain your data on file. All the details in the file you send me should be copies the originals of which should be retained by you.