Safety in Surgical Operations

  • Safety in Surgical Operations is composed of three basic and essential elements:

    ✓ The surgeon's Knowledge and Experience.
    ✓ Hospital Infrastructure and equipment.
    ✓ A trained group of partners
    As surgical department director, I consider patient safety to be the overbearing requirement and also my personal responsibility.

    Through my personal choices and interventions, my aim is to ensure that any risks are minimized and that any possible problem is effectively addressed.

    A patient's contact with a hospital always triggers feelings of anxiety and fear. It is easy for all of us to imagine the anxiety that is caused by the mere thought that someone will be operating on our body and modifying it in a traumatic manner. This tension is mitigated only if the environment and the persons involved are able to create feelings of security and trust.

    High scientific qualification and extensive experience, both on my part and of my team, as well as the excellent logistical infrastructure and services provided by the hospitals I work with, constitute the secure environment I seek for those people who place their trust with me concerning their health problem.